•  A Waft That Ricochets

Video and text responding to the shooting in Orlando at the gay nightclub Pulse, on June 12th 2016

I sit and fan for the lost queens
Fan unfelt breezes onto stolen rosé blushes

I keen at these wafts that honour my cheeks with residual breath
as their proudfuckglorysweat pours as my own
through my hair
over my bowed neck
and drips down my raging body

Their regal mess and shimmydiscopower begin to cool
but I will secrete their beads of labour and sass
and globules of fabulous grit will yet be wafted
and worshipped by a gust of my own making
that ricochets


My tough faggot wrist finds a steady action  
the cheap chiffon wavers but the breeze is there
as a steely lilt takes over
shushing the tear-stained air with sibilant assertion
and a deeper breath that any queen can whisper