• Olympus

Théâtre Municipal de Fontainbleau/FONACT, France, 2023

 O Sport, you are Joy! At your behest, flesh dances and eyes smile…

The great and the good of International Olympic competition gather together to push themselves to the extreme edge of human ability. Faster. Stronger. Further. 

As the world watches, some will thrive, some will falter, while others will use whatever means necessary to gain the elusive taste of victory… 

A theatrical merging of vivid and human moments from inside the most celebrated Games in the world, Olympus is an original creation made with the FONACT ensemble, written and directed by Jamie Bradley.

Jamie Bradley ~ director/writer
Hélène Helleu ~ stage designer
Woody ~ lighting designer
Firgun ~ music 
Fanny Marmouset ~ choreography
Manon Vernier ~ sound 
Garance Mazureck ~ costume design

Mabelle Abdo
Anagha Ajay
Fabian-Samy Al-Shurbaji
Tim Burnell
Valentina Bordeu
Ioana Diaconescu
Isabelle Iversen
Nika Kovačecić
Philippine Lazare
Cédric Leffray
Joaquín Moreno Ocampo
Anna Nguyen
Melina Simone
Pépin Verhaeghe

Photography ~ © Charles de Montalembert