• The Beat & the Pulse

Théâtre Municipal de Fontainbleau et FONACT, France, 2022

~ An original theatre piece, conceived and directed by Jamie Bradley,  created with FONACT actors

“She lived in blissful ignorance, quite unaware she was not a girl…”

A group of writers and dancers are accidentally thrown together via a 17th Century tale of transformation, love and deceit. 

Combining original text, physical story-telling and vogueing dance culture, this piece is inspired by the Abbé de Choisi’s fantastical story The Counterfeit Marquise, as it rubs up against a young generation recalibrating their sense of gender and identity.

Video teaser:

Jamie Bradley ~ director/writer
Cecilia Gali ~ designer
Fanny Marmouset ~ choreographer
Woody ~ lighting designer
Eléa Lecoq ~ sound designer
Charlotte Taylor  ~ stage manager

Thaïs Alessandrin
Riccardo Avati
Alexander Buchanan
Maya Chawla
Layla Chowdhury
Isabella Covelli
Ophelia Hunter
Ella Jarman
Ana Kasper
Elijah Lawrence
Amalie Macnaughtan
William Medland
Mathe Mikaberidze
Yana Popova
Bronte Sandwell-Moore
Amalia Sgoumpopoulou
Georgie Simson
Isabella Soboda
Annie Utzschneider
Rebecca Valean
Gayaneh Vlieghe

Photography ~ Aurélien de Bonnefon