Pod ~ Bathroom Scene

Mother, Golden and New Girl enter the disused female changing room. Golden’s face is badly scratched.

MOTHER:    Through here. There’s light so we can see. (seeing the wound) Poor baby. You feel okay?

GOLDEN:      Think so.

MOTHER:     Just take it easy. Lets clean you up. Can you give me a hand with these please? (hands New Girl some wipes)

NEW GIRL:    Yeah sure.

GOLDEN:     She really went for me!

MOTHER:    Are you bleeding too or is that from Golden?

NEW GIRL:     No I’m fine. Just got splattered. You’ll need to clean the skin really well as the scratches are really close together and they could get infected.

MOTHER:    You know what you’re doing?

NEW GIRL:     Yeah, I do.

MOTHER:     Okay… please… (indicating Golden)

GOLDEN:     It won’t stop bleeding

NEW GIRL:      Don’t pull at the skin and don’t touch it too much as your fingers aren’t clean. Here use this.

GOLDEN:    Thank you.

NEW GIRL:    Dab it softly.

MOTHER:   Should be fine. I’ve seen worse. (clocks New Girl) I guess I should check on the carnage back in there. If you girls are okay?

NEW GIRL:   Yeah.

MOTHER:  Cool… Well just shout if you need me. There are plasters there.

(looks at her for a moment, sees something, then leaves)

GOLDEN:  I’m sorry - I’ve got blood on your top.

NEW GIRL:   It doesn’t matter, it’s very old. You’re still bleeding.

GOLDEN:  Shit.

NEW GIRL:   Try saliva.

GOLDEN:  What?

NEW GIRL:    Spit. Saliva has a tissues in it that helps the blood to clot.


NEW GIRL:   Yeah if you spit on your finger then just wipe it it should help.

GOLDEN:   Are you sure?

NEW GIRL:   Worth a go.


NEW GIRL:  Sorry.

GOLDEN:   That fucking bitch. Claws like a cat.

NEW GIRL:   Was that meant to happen?

GOLDEN:    Course not. A showcase battle is meant to be inspiring not some kind of street fight. She’s bringing us all down.

NEW GIRL:    I did think it was kind of… intense. Do you know her well?

GOLDEN:     We were old friends but… I kind of went for the same guy as her and… then she wasn’t expecting me to dance tonight. Pissed her off.

NEW GIRL:   Probably because you’re a better dancer.

GOLDEN:    Ha! You’re sweet.

NEW GIRL:   Its really true.

GOLDEN:     So tonight was your first Showcase then?

NEW GIRL:    Yeah, only ever seen them online before. First time in a club.

GOLDEN:    Wow, your first real Waacking Showcase! Christened on the dancefloor! Hahah.

NEW GIRL:   I guess you could say that!

GOLDEN:      Hey - god sorry - listen this is all backwards: you’re covered in my blood but I don’t even know your name. I’m Golden.

NEW GIRL:   Pleasure. I’m B-

Sunny arrives in the doorway

SUNNY:   /There you are. Jesus. You okay honey?

GOLDEN:   I’ll live.

SUNNY:     God that looks awful!

GOLDEN:    I mean what exactly is her fucking problem?

SUNNY:      It was an accident. I’m sure she didn’t mean it. She looked mortified when she saw she’d caught you.

GOLDEN:   Are you serious! She didn’t mean it? /It’s a vendetta. She needs to grow the fuck up.

SUNNY:  /No no I really think it she didn’t mean it. It just got a bit out of control in the heat of the, like, dancing and…

GOLDEN:    She still wants you.

SUNNY:     It’s not that.

GOLDEN:      I can clock it a mile off. Envy. If you want to be with her then fine, /but just be clear.

SUNNY:    /What are you on about! I’m totally with you-

GOLDEN:    So be with me. Just stop giving her something to hold onto if its never going to happen…

SUNNY:     Whoah what are you on tonight? I’m never - I mean-  Why are we talking about this? We don’t need to talk about this now!

GOLDEN:  Yes we do. I think we do.

SUNNY:  (clocking New Girl) Er, actually, sorry, but can you just give us a minute?

GOLDEN:   She’s fine. Her top’s got to dry.

SUNNY:   I just want-

GOLDEN:   Its covered in my blood. She’s helping me.

SUNNY:   Listen, maybe we’ll talk about things later?

GOLDEN:    Later? Sure. Later. Just like replying to my messages, /always later (returns to the mirror)

SUNNY:  /Yeah, a bit later. I can’t talk about it- hey, what d’you-? I messaged you today I-, but… tomorrow would be better to talk about shit, cos right now I’m just a bit…well I’m really…well I’m totally coming up.

GOLDEN:   Oh for god’s sake Sunny.

SUNNY:   Honey it’s just not a good time. I’m buzzing off my tits.

GOLDEN:    Sure it’s not a good time. Sure. Sure.

SUNNY:     You always want to talk about Ginger but it stresses me out because there’s really nothing there…

GOLDEN:   I don’t care about her but if you won’t acknowledge the fact that she still wants you then it’s always going to be there. Just be honest.

SUNNY:   But I’m with you. That’s it. Ginger can get messy in her head, but I made my choice so I don’t know why you’re coming at me! You never even said you were gonna be here tonight! And suddenly you’re dancing showcase! You haven’t danced a showcase battle in years!

GOLDEN:   And?

SUNNY:   It’s just that you’re acting so wierd and it makes me think something bad’s going on. Oh, ow! Oh my god. Actually Is my lip bleeding? Feels really… (takes a wipe)

NEW GIRL:    Don’t think so.

GOLDEN:   You’re bleeding. Sunny I have a gash on my face!

SUNNY.  What so I’m not allowed to bleed? I don’t know what it is- ooh these are really wet- I don’t know what it is between us, like what’s going on! I mean I get paranoid you don’t want to see me anymore or like you’re avoiding me, or there’s someone - I don’t know! And I come tonight and you’re dressing like this - not in a - you look fucking amazing! - it’s just you’re wild and reckless and won’t let me touch you and I feel a bit like /everything I say-

GOLDEN:     /I’m pregnant.


SUNNY:   What?

GOLDEN:  I’m pregnant.


Feel free to say something.


Like anything Sunny.

SUNNY:    Wow.

GOLDEN:     Wow.

SUNNY:     Euw my head’s spinning. That’s… Wow.

GOLDEN:        Oh stop it.

SUNNY:      What? Just give me a fucking minute. I - whoah god - I’m peaking actually, like quite a lot. Really peaking.

GOLDEN:     Jesus Christ.

NEW GIRL:     I think I should-

GOLDEN:     Please. You don’t have to go, your top’s not dry. Please stay.

SUNNY:       Wow.



GOLDEN:     Yes, Sunny.

SUNNY:    Wow.

GOLDEN:   Stop saying ‘Wow.’

SUNNY:     No, er, its amazing. God. Uph, I’m really coming up now. Just give me a minute to_

GOLDEN:     To what?

SUNNY:     Actually… Yeah. I. Yeah. I need some air. (as he goes) We need to talk, I need to talk, I will… oh my fucking god…


GOLDEN:  (sighs) Sorry you had to witness that.

NEW GIRL:   Are you alright?

GOLDEN:   I don’t know. Thank you for asking.

NEW GIRL:   I mean, its none of my business but I guess the best thing is kind of whatever you think is the best thing.

GOLDEN:   Thankyou. That’s nice to hear.  


Can I put a plaster on this thing yet?

NEW GIRL:   Yep. Looks drier.

GOLDEN:  Thank god. (she does) Chic. Now lipstick!

NEW GIRL:   Absolutely.

(they do their lipstick in silence. They finish)

NEW GIRL:   He’s right. You do look amazing tonight.

GOLDEN:     Do you want to dance? We just need to dance.

NEW GIRL:     Well I… I don’t really dance. I prefer watching.

GOLDEN:   Don’t be ridiculous. You need to dance.

NEW GIRL:   No really I don’t dance.


NEW GIRL:    It’s not my thing.

GOLDEN:     No

NEW GIRL:   I’ve always enjoyed watching other people


NEW GIRL:     It’s really fine and actually-

GOLDEN:   You will dance with me, tonight, please. We just need to dance. Together. Please?


NEW GIRL:  Fuck it.