Pod ~ Opening Monologue

Mother, a black man in his early 30s, addresses the audience


I guess you could say I need this. Tonight.

This night. Has to be more than ‘a night’..


A whole new myth.

All the hallmarks are in place. To be one of the greatest. We all feel it. The long break before. No club. The children banished from the floor, starved of a pulse. No touch, no release. A dark time of small rooms, sickness, anxiety and silence… Then suddenly a tiny chink of light. A mini miracle of an empty space. A derelict swimming pool and I have the key.

It’s a risk. No-one must know. Super tight on numbers. Totally hush hush. But we’re grabbing the chance. My babies, my beautiful hungry crowd called back to The Club. Once again we will dance like the wild ones.

The speakers hum in anticipation. I’ve summoned the old family - all my special people. The beats are prepped, showcase booked, sound system in and here we are… almost. Ready for a new beginning.

It’s that quietness just before. The slow group breath…

(he breathes in slowly. A tiny wince of pain then deflects it)

We all know tonight will be momentous. I just know it for different reasons.


(House music plays)